Selling Gold To Online Buyers: 3 Ways To Expedite The Process

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Selling Gold To Online Buyers: 3 Ways To Expedite The Process

Selling Gold To Online Buyers: 3 Ways To Expedite The Process

8 June 2017
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Gold is a popular investment vehicle, as it is resistant to inflation and has been thought to be a safe haven for investors that just aren't willing to take a risk with their money. Just because gold is a safe form of investment doesn't mean that it doesn't have potential. In fact, the value of gold has more than doubled from $869.75 in 2008 to $1,895 in 2011. It's also a rather easy investment to liquefy. If you have some gold sitting around that you'd like to cash in on, consider selling to an online gold buyer. This is where the gold will likely fetch its highest price. With that said, here are 3 ways that you can expedite the process once you've determined who you'd like to sell to:

Contact the Buyer Ahead of Time to Fill In Paperwork and Provide Them with the Details

If you're selling to an individual seller, then you probably have already worked out all of the specifics and the details; however, if you plan on sending your gold to a company, then you probably haven't worked out everything yet. After shipping your gold to the company that will be buying it, contact the company immediately to provide them with the details of the shipment you've sent them. This includes the tracking number, estimated arrival, and the specifications of the gold. If you had the gold appraised, it's wise to attach the certified appraisal as well. This will help cut down on the processing time.  

Pay for Expedited Shipping that Comes with Tracking

When selling gold to online buyers, most of the wait time involves waiting for the gold to be shipped to the buyer. If you need cash as soon as possible, you definitely don't want to rely on the snail mail. Instead, pay extra for expedited shipping, and your parcel will arrive at the buyer's office within days. Expedited shipping usually comes with free tracking and insurance, so you might not even be shelling out that much extra money for the shorter wait time.

Ask for Payment to Be Wired Immediately or Sent Through an Online Money Service

Once the buyers have received and confirmed your order, they will be ready to send you payment. The method of payment will also influence how long it takes for you to receive the cash that you need. Sell your gold to a company that is willing to wire you your funds immediately or is willing to send you the funds through an online money service instead of writing you a check.


Selling gold to an online company can be a simple and easy process. The online company will also likely give you the best quote around for your gold. The only downside is that you might have to wait around to receive payment. This article helps you avoid just that, and helps you get your hands on the cash that you need as quickly as possible.

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