3 Ways to Cash a Check If You Do Not Have a Bank Account

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3 Ways to Cash a Check If You Do Not Have a Bank Account

3 Ways to Cash a Check If You Do Not Have a Bank Account

26 September 2018
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There are a lot of people in this country who do not have a bank account, and not having a bank account can make it a little harder for a person to cash a check when they need to. If you do not have a bank account right now, but you have a check you need to cash; here are three of the best methods you could use to cash the check.  

Go to the bank that issued the check

When a person writes you a check, the check will state what bank it is from,  this is called the issuing bank. If you want to cash the check, you could try going to that bank to see if they will let you. Most issuing banks will cash checks, even when the person the check was made out to does not have an account there. They do this because they can look up the person's account who wrote the check. If there is money in the account, the bank has nothing to lose. Some banks will do this for free, but others may charge a fee.

This is a great method to use if there is a branch of the issuing bank nearby. If you cannot find a branch nearby your area, you would not be able to use this method to cash your check. 

Find a grocery store that offers check-cashing services 

There are grocery stores in some areas and big chain stores that offer check-cashing services. If you can find a store nearby that offers these services, you could bring the check there, and they can cash it for you. Grocery stores will charge a fee to do this, though, and there are not a lot of grocery stores that still offer this service.

Go to a cash-advance store

A cash-advance store is something you can find in almost any town. This might be the closest and easiest option you could choose. These stores will cash almost any check for any amount. You should be prepared to pay a fee to do this, as most stores charge a certain percentage of the check value.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by cash-advance stores, visit one in your area today. They can cash your check for you, and they typically offer convenient hours and fast services. For more information, contact a company like Cash Depot Inc.

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