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Three Reasons Why You Should Rent ATMS As A Business

1 November 2017
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When you think of vending machines, you probably do not think of ATMs. Why not? After all, these machines dispense stuff everyone wants, just as the candy, chip, soda pop, and sandwich machines do. Yet, the difference is that these machines to a direct transfer of funds from the user's bank to the machine, and dispense the amount the user has requested, instead of the user putting money in to get a product out.
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What To Do If You’re Denied A Checking Account

22 September 2017
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According to a 2015 survey by the FDIC, approximately 9 million households are unbanked. While this may be due to the lack of access to a bank or inability to pay monthly fees to maintain the accounts, sometimes people don't have checking accounts simply because the banks won't approve them for one. Here is what you should do if you're having difficulty opening a checking account at the banks in your area.
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4 Ways To Raise Quick Cash To Cover A Home Repair Emergency

27 July 2017
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If you unexpectedly find that you need to raise some quick cash in order to pay for an emergency household repair, don't panic! Here are four suggestions: Offer Your Skills or Labor in Exchange for Pay The fastest way to make some cash is to spend a day or two working for it. Since most emergency home repairs cost less than a few hundred dollars, you can quickly earn the cash by working for it.
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Selling Gold To Online Buyers: 3 Ways To Expedite The Process

8 June 2017
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Gold is a popular investment vehicle, as it is resistant to inflation and has been thought to be a safe haven for investors that just aren't willing to take a risk with their money. Just because gold is a safe form of investment doesn't mean that it doesn't have potential. In fact, the value of gold has more than doubled from $869.75 in 2008 to $1,895 in 2011. It's also a rather easy investment to liquefy.
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