4 Ways To Raise Quick Cash To Cover A Home Repair Emergency

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4 Ways To Raise Quick Cash To Cover A Home Repair Emergency

4 Ways To Raise Quick Cash To Cover A Home Repair Emergency

27 July 2017
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If you unexpectedly find that you need to raise some quick cash in order to pay for an emergency household repair, don't panic! Here are four suggestions:

Offer Your Skills or Labor in Exchange for Pay

The fastest way to make some cash is to spend a day or two working for it. Since most emergency home repairs cost less than a few hundred dollars, you can quickly earn the cash by working for it. Rather than trying to find an extra job, instead, post a quick message on your local Facebook group or Craigslist page offering your services. For example, if your day job is working as a bookkeeper, then offer to get the books in shape for a small local company who hasn't been able to keep up with their finances. You win by making some quick cash and the business wins by finally getting their finances in order.

Take Items to the Local Recycling Center

Your local recycling center will pay you for your unwanted metal, plastic, and paper items. To raise some quick cash, gather up all of your recyclable items and take them down to the recycling center. Don't forget to take extra plumbing pipes, auto parts, and other heavy metal items you no longer want. You can make additional money by asking your neighbors if they have any items you can haul to the recycling center in exchange for their value.

Take an Item to Your Local Pawn Shop

If you own any jewelry, electronics, or sporting goods, then you can take an item to your local pawn shop and get a loan. The pawn shop will use your item as collateral for your loan and will typically give you a month to come back and pay back your loan to get your collateral item back. A pawn shop loan has a high-interest rate, but if you have items you no longer need or are certain you can pay your loan within a month, then this is a viable option.

Take Out a Payday Loan

Finally, if you are employed, have a bank account, and have a phone where you can be contacted, then you likely meet the requirements to take out a payday loan. While payday loans are an expensive way to borrow money, they are perfect for covering a household emergency as long as you repay the loan with your next paycheck. Talk to a financial planning expert to learn more!

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